In lapas no matter where in the world is there must be a policy of remission. If you don't want there is remission, means the Court must deliver a verdict or death sentence for life. If convicted, each prisoner has the right to earn remission. "


Lead Kemenkumham

Political career Yasonna Laoly Hamonangan increasingly bolted when President Joko Widodo appointed him Minister of Justice and human rights of Republic of Indonesia. The experience of many years as an academic in the field of law at a time of lawyers, as well as the experience of being a member of Commission III of the DPR/MPR-RI (2005-2009), making it easy to adapt to his new position at the moment.

Yasonna create a movement in the environment, in the form Kemenkumham creed "come, we definitely Work", which started since 1 June 2015. "Let's work" more an encouragement so that employees in the environment Kemenkumham always actively working. While "we" stands for Our professional, Accountable, Transparent, innovative, Synergistic.

"I formed a team to the affected areas to mengampanyekan movement. Through the movement, officials of the Kemenkumham given the understanding so that enterprising work. But don't feel up to a most excellent on its own, because he can only work well if you want to work together with the other. He must be transparent in decision-making, in financial management and so on. He must also be able to give birth to new innovations to accelerate and improve the performance of Kemenkumham, "said a fan of Frank Sinatra songs on that.

Even so, it's not easy admitting Yasonna to lead the Ministry of Kemenkumham. Diverse issues and challenges hit him, among other things, the question of the poor condition of the correctional facility (lapas) and the influx of drugs into lapas. It's been no secret General if a lot of Water on the ground experience lapas overkapasitas. Not playing, at some lapas, overkapasitasnya surged by up to 700%. Many of the prisoners who sleep must be alternately due to lack of beds, beds or crammed into a room. There is also a shortage of lapas bathroom amenities. Consequently in the morning, one in the bathroom can be diantri by thirty. With conditions like that, the lapas one day being held there, feels like a year.

"There is also the only lapas have four officers, while they have to keep an eye on seven hundred prisoners from the diverse background of the criminal offence. Imagine? The fourth warden could do it every day just to pray, "said Yasonna with a tone are concerned.

In The Swirl Of Criticism

The higher the trees grow, the more wind gusts hit. The old adage that may describe the current position of the Yasonna. As a Minister who comes from the political party the winner of the election, do not help him become one of the ' firing ' the target of the opposition.

Some of its policies are reaping criticism from political opponents, among other things the policy surrounding the chaotic Party Golkar and the PPP as well as the granting of remission for the corruptor. Yasonna considered divisive Party Golkar and PPP and do not support the spirit of the eradication of corruption.

Yasonna feel confident if his policy is in compliance and regulations. Because, he was co-author of the political Party ACT, so know the right "spirit" of the legislation.

But he sought to know because in a showdown for sure there will be a party which is not satisfied. "I am not divisive Golkar as well as PPP. In fact before the problem is getting to me, they are indeed already split asunder. I took a decision through examination is very profound. Chief Justice and judges of the Constitution to justify my decision. Each policy is always ready my pertanggungjawabkan to anyone, including to the President.

"As long as I'm sure if my decision accordingly ACT in accordance with my scholarship, then I terusmaju. So far I am grateful, the President could understand my decision, "he said.

"The question of remission, remission is the right of any convict, including the corruptor. Our philosophy at Kemenkumham kan coaching, correctional, not judgment based on retaliation. Kemenkumham the task of fostering human not destroy mankind. Do not let happen, Kemenkumham thus violating human rights. So if there's any detainees already being of good character, in accordance with the LAW he is entitled to remission, "said a man who was once awarded the Sigma Iota Rho International Honor Society it is.

According to Yasonna, if the other institutions, say Marchesa wants a corruptor punished heavily, then jatuhkanlah the punishment in the courts, not in the Kemenkumham. Kemenhumhan the task of fostering, not only Avenged. Part of the construction that is give the right education, the right to worship, the right to visit family, and the rights of others including grant remission to prisoners who behave well. "In lapas no matter where in the world is there must be a policy of remission. If you don't want there is remission, means the Court must deliver a verdict or death sentence for life. If convicted, each prisoner is entitled to remission, "he said.

Even though the fight for the granting of remission for all prisoners, Yasonna still agree if there is a specific treatment for convicts of corruption, terrorists and drugs. "For example, another case of getting prisoners remissions for two months, then to convict corruption, terrorist and drug just half of it, and even then must go through a specific process. Now, if this kind of distinction, we agree, "shot Yasonna.

The question of the proclamation of the Gospel in the mass media tend to be cornering himself, Yasonna feel it is very reasonable to happen, given the current mass media networks controlled by entrepreneurs who plunged into politics. That kind of mass media will always try to discredit their political opponents.

Author: Derivative Gulo, Mario Upstream and Eka by Mahesh M